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Past editions of the Self Evaluation Reports of the previous OSCE Chairmanships

The practice of an evaluation report is not new, and it has become a good practice for OSCE States since when the Swiss Chairmanship introduced its first report in 2014. The aim of the Report was to review the implementation status of existing commitments in the human dimension of the Swiss Chairmanship of the OSCE in 2014 and, to assess the credibility of the country chairing the OSCE, vis-à-vis the respect of the fundamental values of the Helsinki Final Act and other commitments.
Italy, on a voluntary basis, follows the examples of the Swiss, the Serbian, the German and the Austrian Chairmanships in the presentation of the Report as an example of a well-established good practice with the aim of strengthening the role of OSCE as a regional actor and to promote the effective implementation of the OSCE commitments.

In this section, you may find attached the previous Self Evaluation Reports of the OSCE Chairmanships: Switzerland 2014, Serbia 2015, Germany 2016 and Austria 2017.